Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Desktop Development

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) is an on-line repository of public domain literature written on Christian topics. The website offers these books in several formats, and users can browse the collection.

This project implements a desktop application for downloading local copies of the works available on the website for off-line (or just simply immediate) perusal.

The desktop application is based on a client-server architecture. Once started, this server offers several functions all from the safe comfort of a web browser:

  • Browse the catalog of books available in the CCEL
  • See what books have been installed locally
  • Install books off of CD or the Web
  • Search the full text of the locally installed books.

If you understand phrases like "client-server architecture" and you know how to program in Java, we'd like your help in developing this application If you're more comfortable using the software, there are other jobs you can do to help the CCEL. Logo

This project is graciously hosted by SourceForge.

Support This Project

All of the proceeds collected for this project are given to the CCEL to pay for the servers and to fund student help during the summer.