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Classpath Variables in Eclipse for Supporting Libraries

We use a lot of supporting libraries which you will discover after you import a project or two due to all of the error messages that Eclipse will generate.

The following table lists all of the libraries that we use, the name of the classpath variable we've given each library, and where you can find the library for yourself.

Classpath variables in Eclipse should be declared using Window -> Preferences... followed by Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables. Hit the New button to create each of the variables listed below. Download the libraries for yourself, and use your local path when defining each classpath variable.

Classpath Variable Library Location
ABBOT_LIB Swing GUI unit-testing library
CATALINA_LIB Main, exposed Tomcat classes You can get the JAR file from the Tomcat download, or right here.
JMOCK_LIB Mock-object library
JUNIT_LIB JUnit library
LOG4J_LIB Logging for Java
LUCENE_LIB Lucene (searching library)
SERVLET_LIB javax.servlet package There's an official download from Sun, but this seems to be overkill. Tomcat comes with this JAR file which seems to work for us.
SUN_COMPILER_TOOLS Java compiler tools This should no longer be necessary; needed at runtime which the server handles itself. Logo

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